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NCIS Weekly Caption Contest

Have picture, will caption!

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NCIS Weekly Caption Contest

about us
Hi, vamp926 here! I started this at navy_ncis and decided to create a community for it. Every week, there will be a screencap posted from that Tuesday's episode. Your job is to come up with a funny caption for the picture. On Sunday, that week's caption will close and a poll will be put up and you choose the best caption that goes with the picture. The winner will recieve a personalized graphic, or an NCIS video, depending on my mood or resources. This community is open to join, but please do not request posting access as you will be denied. This is simply so cable_addict and myself don't have to worry about people posting non related things.

Your friendly community mods are vamp926, cable_addict, heimedall, & spoonyriffic

Weekly Winners List

Have Fun!

1. All comments will be screened.
2. Only one caption, per contestant, per week.
3. All captions must be ORIGINAL. No quotes from previous episodes.
4. If Tony is in the picture, a movie quote is allowed.
5. Winners will be contacted through a private message, the prize of the week is optional.
6. The contest opens weekly on Wednesday and closes on Sunday night at 8pm(EST). No late submissions will be accepted unless the contest is extended.
7. You may only edit your caption once.
8. If you have a question, please post it here, rather then under one of the contests.
9. No bashing the winner. If you didn't win, try again.
10. 10. Whatever episode is on Tuesday nights at 8pm(EST) will be the source of that week's caption picture, even in the case of a repeat. In the event that NCIS is not on, a caption picture from an episode of the current season will be used. In the event that a new episode is missed (i.e. I am unable to post or unable to download the episode), the next time NCIS is not on, we will go back to the missed episode. During the summer, when NCIS is not on, a poll will be listed from Sunday to Tuesday wil four episode choices. The most voted for episode will be the feature of the week's contest.

A link to the rules will be posted with each contest from now on.

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